Parents, Guardians, and Students:

We, at iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center, are excited and working hard on preparing the school for Monday, August 18th – the first day of school.

Here are a few details….


 Regarding transportation:

The district was very diligent on selecting the safest metrorail station for the shuttle to and from iTech.

The station selected is the Allapattah metrorail station:

The shuttle for iTech will leave the Allapattah metrorail station at: 6:45am

The shuttle will return to the Allapattah metrorail station from iTech at: 3:15pm


School Hours:

The school doors will open at 7:00am

Breakfast will be served stating at 7:30am

Please exit the building no later than 5:00pm (working on longer hours)


First Day Expectations:

ALL students dress correctly – BUSINESS CASUAL

Be on time to school (No later than 8:00am)

Report to Auditorium for schedule


NOTE: If you are not in attendance on Monday, you will be withdrawn!



You will get your schedule when you report to the Auditorium

You should be able to see your schedule in the student portal sometime tomorrow or Sunday

Adjustments will be considered during second week of school